About the North Carolina Professionals Health Program

Since 1988, NCPHP has been dedicated to helping medical professionals experience a lifetime of change and return to health. NCPHP assists with recovery from substance use disorders and other conditions that could impair a provider’s ability to safely provide care and services to their patients.


NCPHP originated as a physicians health committee of the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS). In 1988, it was established as a formal program of the NCMS and written into the North Carolina General Statutes

Initially administered by the NCMS Foundation, NCPHP evolved over the years to become a private free-standing non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Through careful expansion, NCPHP now provides services to veterinary medicine and pharmacy professionals. From inception to the end of 2015, NCPHP has provided direct assistance to more than 3,600 medical professionals and indirect assistance to thousands more through educational and advisory programs. 

Confidentiality and anonymity are hallmarks of the NCPHP program. NCPHP zealously protects the identity of anyone referred to or participating in our program. Equally important, the anonymity of those who make referrals or provide information is also kept confidential. The confidentiality of NCPHP participation is protected by North Carolina General Statute N.C.G.S. 90-21.22
and 42 CFR Part B.

Program Principles and Philosophies

Our daily work at NCPHP is rooted in concern for the public and the respect and support for our program participants. We provide evaluations, referrals to assessment/treatment, accountability measures, and monitoring to assist in recovery. Using quantitative data collected throughout a participant’s program involvement, we can then support participants to employers for return to the workplace, to hospital credentialing, or to various licensure, insurance, or credentialing boards.


NCPHP Values: Professionalism, Compassion, Balance and Teamwork


Professionalism: We consistently act in a professional manner.


  • NCPHP staff serves with honesty and integrity.
  • NCPHP staff incorporates NCPHP values into each decision, interaction, and policy.
  • NCPHP implements fair and transparent policies.

: We interact with all participants and others in a humane and compassionate manner.

: We seek to find the optimal balance in addressing potentially competing needs:


  • between public safety and professionals’ autonomy/need to earn a living
  • between consistency and each professional’s unique circumstances
  • between open, credible support and professionals’ privacy.

: We act as a team and cooperate effectively with external stakeholders.

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Organizations for other Professionals

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