Family and Friends

It can be devastating to witness a loved one suffering as a result of an untreated substance use disorder or a mental health issue. Sometimes, despite a family’s love, insistence, repeated confrontations, anger, and even negative consequences, these problems persist.


As a person who spends time with a professional outside of his or her workplace, family and friends often know better than anyone else what is really going on. Family and friends see the ripple effect the professional’s behavior can have on those around them. Perhaps you are reading this because you have reached a point of frustration, maybe even a breaking point. You want to know what to do and how to best aid your loved one. NCPHP can help.


Our services are confidential and any issues you reveal about your family member or friend in distress are held in the strictest of confidence.


We believe family involvement is part of the recovery process. Recovery is not an event, but a process that occurs over a period of time. Contacting NCPHP can be the first step in that process.


Our staff has decades of combined experience working with medical professionals. We provide an initial evaluation (free to licensees and registrants of the N.C. Medical Board, the N.C. Board of Pharmacy, and the N.C. Veterinary Medical Board), knowledgeable referrals for any recommended assessment and/or treatment, supportive recovery monitoring, and advocacy, upon request.


NCPHP can also provide referrals for friends and family who need assistance in coping with a loved one’s substance use disorder or mental health issue. This can be an important step toward development of a strong support system.


Michael W. Wilkerson, MD Family Assistance Fund

Michael W. Wilkerson, MD served as Medical Director of NCPHP from 1998-2004.  During his tenure, he made many contributions toward building and strengthening the program that has helped so many North Carolina medical professionals.  In honor of Dr. Wilkerson, and at the suggestion of his wife, the Michael W. Wilkerson, MD Family Assistance Fund was established.  These scholarship funds are provided to family members to give them the opportunity to participate in the family program at the treatment center or to allow family members to seek outpatient therapy as an integral part of the recovery process.  The fund may also be used to financially assist struggling families in helping to meet other critical family needs while their family member is in treatment (e.g., utility bills, mortgage, groceries, etc.).

Specific Uses:

  • To facilitate attendance to family week activities during participant’s treatment program (cost of attendance, travel expenses, etc.).  Receipts or verification of expected expenses will be required prior to reimbursement.
  • To facilitate treatment for family members (residential & outpatient).  Documentation of treatment expense will be required prior to reimbursement.
  • To assist financially struggling families meet household needs while family member is in treatment.  Receipts will be required prior to reimbursement.

Maximum scholarship per family is limited to $1,500 per calendar year (January to December).  To apply, complete this form.