Participant FAQs about the North Carolina Professionals Health Program

As a program participant, do I need to notify NCPHP when I am going on vacation or other travel?

Yes, please be sure your assigned Field Coordinator, if applicable, is aware of your travel plans.  If you do not have a Field Coordinator, inform your Case Manager of your travel plans.

I am a participant being monitored for a substance use disorder and my doctor has prescribed a medication that is potentially habit-forming. What should I do?

These types of medications are contra-indicated for persons in recovery from substance use disorders, as they represent a significant risk of precipitating relapse. Please refer to the information contained within your monitoring contract as well as the advisory statement you were provided when you signed up for monitoring (link here to that document). Before filling the prescription, you are required to discuss this with your Field Coordinator. If deemed appropriate for you to take this medication, you should arrange for a responsible party to help manage and monitor your dosage. 

Whom should I call if I have a change of address, telephone number, or employment?

Please advise your Field Coordinator of any changes in contact information or employment status. If you do not have a Field Coordinator, inform your Case Manager of any such changes.

I am experiencing financial difficulties and can’t pay my monitoring fees. What should I do?

Please email Cindy Clark or call her at (919) 870-4480 to discuss a payment plan or other arrangements.

I have been told I need to go for an assessment/treatment, but I am unable to gather sufficient funds. Can NCPHP help?

The North Carolina Medical Society offers a Treatment Scholarship Fund, available for licensees of the North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB). The scholarship is funded by individual donations specific to this fund.

The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board is in the process of developing a process to offer treatment scholarships to participants.

I was given a list of assessment and treatment providers, some of which are out-of-state. Are there providers of assessment or treatment in NC?

Absolutely. NCPHP has a network of assessment and treatment providers throughout NC. Although there are a limited number of facilities that are approved to provide intensive and comprehensive multi-day assessments or residential treatment, there are several outpatient providers of treatment or assessment services. Every case is different, so NCPHP recommends different levels of intervention and different providers accordingly. If you have questions about your situation, please contact the office at 919-870-4480 and speak to your Case Manager or the person on-call.

I am going to inpatient treatment and want my spouse/family members to participate in the family program at my treatment center, but we cannot afford the expense. Can NCPHP help?

In honor of Dr. Michael Wilkerson, former NCPHP Medical Director, the Family Assistance Fund was established for this purpose. The Family Assistance Fund is made possible by donations for this specific purpose. Licensees of the North Carolina Medical Board, North Carolina Board of Pharmacy, and North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board may apply for this fund. 

What if I disagree with the recommendation made for assessment or treatment after I meet with NCPHP staff?

NCPHP understands that it is sometimes difficult for a participant to discover that he or she needs assessment or treatment.  Whenever a participant disagrees with an assessment or treatment recommendation, we encourage them to reach out to our staff to discuss the situation and work together to find a solution. If a meeting with NCPHP staff does not resolve a participant’s concerns, NCPHP has oversight by a committee that reviews all assessment or treatment recommendations, and a participant can appeal to that committee. Finally, if that is not sufficient to resolve the situation, NCPHP has an independent review process for possible review of all recommendations.

Does NCPHP offer help with relapse prevention?

NCPHP offers referrals to experienced relapse prevention therapists and groups across the state. Please speak with your NCPHP Field Coordinator to obtain a referral.

Whom should I contact with questions about monitoring agreement requirements, urine drug screens, etc.?

Contact your Field Coordinator with any questions regarding program monitoring and screenings. If you do not have a Field Coordinator, contact your Case Manager.

What should I do if I am changing my therapist or discontinuing therapy?

Discuss any changes in therapy with your Field Coordinator prior to making any changes. If approved, you will need to contact your Case Manager to complete the appropriate paperwork. NCPHP requires a new Release of Information form to be completed by new therapists, so NCPHP may receive quarterly reports from the therapist.

How can I obtain a support letter for an insurance company, employer, etc.?

This can be accomplished quite easily, but please remember that NCPHP may only share information about your involvement with the program if you have signed a Release of Information form. Contact your Case Manager to obtain such a letter and to provide complete information regarding the intended recipient, e.g., Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA.