North Carolina Professionals Health Program Testimonials

NCPHP offers support to physicians, physician assistants, perfusionists, and anesthesia assistants who are struggling with substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, burnout, or any other mental health concerns that may impact the delivery of care to their patients.

“When I was first referred to NCPHP I was angry and scared. It didn’t seem fair that my “personal” issue had become a public, professional issue that would threaten my career. I was upset that I was referred for an evaluation and even more upset when that evaluation suggested I needed treatment for chemical dependency…but I did. My experience with NCPHP was so helpful – both from a recovery support standpoint AND a professional repair standpoint. When I slipped a year later, I was still scared and broken – but I was incredibly grateful that my past experience with NCPHP had been fair, helpful and non-punitive. NCPHP even helped me transition out of medicine temporarily and then offered the support they could when the time was right for me to make my way back in. Now I am almost 8 years clean, practicing addiction medicine in another state, trying to pay it forward and I remain incredibly grateful for the caring support NCPHP gave me when I needed it most.”
Past Participant, 2/7/23

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NCPHP’s Unique Approach


“Hope you all are doing well.  I’m practicing in {another state} now, and couldn’t be happier.
But I wanted to let you know that today I celebrate X years of sobriety.  I will always be grateful to you and the folks at NCPHP for your help in saving my career and probably my life.  Thank you, friend, and God Bless you all.”
Past participant, 9/13/19


“It did not seem really fair to enjoy the real moment of my first job and not share this with the people who helped me accept it as a person, with failings, gifts, rights and boundaries.  Ironically, it was not the contract, my first call or even my first pay check but the realization hit me when I walked back to my office after a long day and noticed they had put the sign up.  I actually have no idea how long it had been there.  So I did the natural, totally professional, above-it-all thing, and like a tourist took a picture of it.  Then I immediately thought of all the people who got me here – who believed me when all I had were stories, who trusted that I had a right heart and who tolerated all my stubbornness.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  For all you’ve been through, for your devotion to helping others, for your ability to see a spark of good.”
Past participant, 8/31/19


“NCPHP saved my life. There is no doubt in my mind this is true. Twenty-eight years ago, I was held prisoner by my addiction to alcohol.  My craving for alcohol and compulsion to drink was controlling every facet of my life. I had long since given up on the notion that I wasn’t an alcoholic. I knew I was.  Every day I would get up and swear to God, to myself, and to everyone and everything I held dear I wasn’t going to drink that day, but every day by three or four o’clock in the afternoon I would be drinking. It was baffling.”  Read more.
Past participant, 5/22/18


“I was involved with the North Carolina Physicians Health Program for 10 years, starting when I first got into recovery in 2003.  I had self-reported for an addiction to opiate pain meds.  NCPHP was the best thing that could have happened to me to maintain my recovery.  When I spent four months in a treatment facility Florida, I met many medical professionals from other states, and learned what a great benefit PHP is to those of us in recovery from North Carolina.  Many other states have nothing that can compare to it.  Read more.
Past participant 2/1/17


“I am a physician in recovery. NCPHP supported me when I relocated from South to North Carolina.  They have treated me with kindness, fairness and respect.  Even after my release from monitoring, they have continued to be available to advise me. It has been a relief to know that the NCPHP is on my side and for that I am very grateful.  The NC professionals recovery community is strengthened by having a caring and capable PHP.”

Past participant 1/12/17


“I did not graduate most outstanding student of my class with the endeavor of becoming an alcoholic and an addict.  As time went on I perceived myself entitled to practice medicine until I was no longer able to practice medicine.  When I finally hit bottom and asked for help, the NCPHP was there to assist me where few others were willing or able to do so.  The stigma of alcoholism and addiction is a harsh reality which is gradually being understood in the mainstream; however, in the medical community that stigma has never been more prevalent.”  Read more.

Past participant 1/9/17



“I came to be associated with the North Carolina Professionals Health Program in 2009 during what was, without a doubt, the lowest imaginable point in both my personal and professional lives. A prolonged, seemingly unending tragedy that would eventually take my son from me had lead me into a slow motion downward spiral that finally ended at the bottom of a Grey Goose bottle as I “self-medicated” to numb the pain and loss.”  Read more.

Past participant 12/5/16



“It was not my plan.  I thought I could save myself if I just had the will power. Besides, I had the will power for just about everything else in my life. I made it through med school didn’t I? But I had a big problem.  I knew I needed to stop drinking, taking Adderall, and looking at porn, but I couldn’t seem to do it.  I knew it was illegal. I knew it was harmful to my health. I knew it could cost me my job. Yet, I could not stop.”  Read more.

Past participant 12/3/16



“I became involved with the North Carolina Professionals Health Program in the late 1990’s. My drugs of choice were alcohol and benzodiazepines. My use eventually caused me to become severely depressed and suicidal. I went to my doctor who recommended I go in the hospital, and I refused. I went back home and went to sleep, but was later awakened by a sheriff’s deputy kicking my bed telling me to get up.” Read more.

Past participant 11/24/16



“NCPHP gave me the accountability I needed to get enough sober time to embrace this way of life.  The staff was supportive, understanding, and responsive.  It was professionally essential to have the credibility of an organization like NCPHP vouching for me at work.  Without this reassurance my coworkers and colleagues could not have regained their confidence in me.  I am grateful to NCPHP for giving me the chance to stay in my career and remain sober.”

Past participant 11/14/16



“I came to NC in recovery for 2 years and I believe the NCPHP staff enhanced my sobriety while I was being monitored for an additional 2 years. NCPHP has been an excellent resource for this physician in recovery. Now I am 11 years out from the influence of alcohol. Thank you NCPHP!”

Past participant 11/2/16



“Now in my 12th year of continuous sobriety and clean time, it is very clear to me that the most remarkable event in more than a decade of my life was the caring intervention at the North Carolina Physicians Health Program.


I saw them first as career interrupting agents, but now I can see that for me it was supportive, professional, confidential and effective, if not completely lifesaving.  It helped me and the people of North Carolina by providing capable care to an impaired physician.  I am awake, aware and grateful.  Above all I serve and remain productive.  Thank you NCPHP.”

Past participant 10/19/16



“I was monitored by the North Carolina Physicians Health Program as I was being established in recovery. I have nothing but good things to say about my following the suggestion to contact them and of the support and advocacy that they have provided over the years.  The staff were, and are, always professional, responsible, and seemed genuinely interested in my well-being. I always enjoyed my time with my field monitors during their visits as a refreshing break from my clinical day – a chance to talk recovery with an interested ear.  The NCPHP staff undoubtedly played a positive role in my recovery and I hope to remain forever grateful for this. As my medical career has continued to blossom as one of the infinite fruits of this recovery, I have gained a growing respect for the NCPHP as an organization that, in my opinion, serves as a model for advocacy program in other states. Thank you.”

Past participant, 10/08/2016



“I had the good fortune of being introduced to the NCPHP in 2006 after an addiction relapse which almost cost me my vocation and my life. The PHP did 2 major things for me, which made the difference between a bright future and a dark future or even death. First, they held me accountable. Not in a gestapo way, but in a friendly, encouraging manner, which really gave me the motivation to do my very best. There were requirements, which were necessary, such as meetings, urine tests and reports to complete, but there was also always kind and encouraging words to help me on my path and give me the motivation I needed to stay clean.


“Second, they intervened for me with the Veterinary Medical Board, which gave me a second chance to straighten my life up without losing everything I had worked so hard for and built through my life. It was a gift that I did not deserve, and that is the definition of grace. I am very thankful to everyone at NCPHP that I have my life back and am able to continue to do what I love. NCPHP is a wonderful organization with loving, caring people involved in it. They are there for you if you need them. I would highly recommend any medical professional with a substance abuse problem call them; they will be there to help you.”

Past participant, 10/06/2016




“NCPHP exists in a gray zone to lend an arm to those who spend a lifetime doing this for others. When a provider needs support, knowingly or not, it is truly a gift to have NCPHP in a position to provide it. Without NCPHP, I daresay what would happen; at the least, we would lose some of the most precious resources in our community. I can’t imagine how this tough role can be performed any better than the way I have known NCPHP to do it.”

Past participant, 10/06/2016



“When my world came crashing down, due to consequences of active opiate addiction, NCPHP was there to help me organize the process of detox, rehab and monitor early recovery. Through NCPHP’s advocacy and leadership, I was afforded the opportunity to regain my medical license. Eight years into recovery I am blessed with a personal and professional life that far exceeds my wildest expectations.”

Past participant, 10/3/16