The North Carolina Professionals Health Program Impact

Since 1988, NCPHP has assisted over 3,000 medical professionals starting with physicians and other licensees of the North Carolina Medical Board.


NCPHP began working with the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board to help veterinarians and their technicians in 2004. In early 2016, NCPHP was pleased to add pharmacists and pharmacy personnel to our program. NCPHP works with these licensed medical professionals in addressing mental health, substance use, or behavioral issues affecting their ability to provide appropriate medical care.


“They intervened for me with the Medical Board, which gave me a second chance to straighten my life up without losing everything I had worked so hard for and built through my life. It was a gift that I did not deserve, and that is the definition of grace.” Read more.


“Through NCPHP’s advocacy and leadership, I was afforded the opportunity to regain my medical license. Eight years into recovery I am blessed with a personal and professional life that far exceeds my wildest expectations.” Read more.


“NCPHP gave me the accountability I needed to get enough sober time to embrace this way of life.  The staff was supportive, understanding, and responsive.  It was professionally essential to have the credibility of an organization like NCPHP vouching for me at work.” Read more


“…NCPHP was the best thing that could have happened to me to maintain my recovery…” Read more.