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NCPHP Veterinary Scholarship Fund

We know the veterinary profession is composed of people dedicated to easing the pain and suffering of animals. We also know that like other healthcare professions, veterinary professionals have higher than average rates of mental health and substance use disorders. These problems typically present as depression, burnout, compassion fatigue, or maladaptive use of drugs and/or alcohol.


For over a decade, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board (NCVMB) has contracted with the North Carolina Professionals Health Program (NCPHP), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to intervening upon and recommending treatment for mental health and substance use disorders in North Carolina health care providers. Through the dedication and hard work of NCVMB members, there is now an NCPHP Veterinary Scholarship Fund for Veterinarians and Registered Veterinary Technicians licensed by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board and residing in North Carolina.


This newly established NCPHP Veterinary Scholarship Fund will award a limited number of financial scholarships on an as needed basis. These scholarships are not intended to cover 100% of the cost of any recommended evaluation or treatment. Funding for the NCPHP Veterinary Scholarship Fund will come from a variety of sources, such as online-contributions solicited from Veterinarians and Registered Veterinary Technicians when they renew their license, planned giving by individuals, and solicited contributions such as a GoFundMe webpage. As part of NCPHP’s contract with the NCVMB, the NCPHP Veterinary Scholarship Fund will be managed and distributed with oversight from the NCVMB. No fees by NCPHP will be assessed to manage this fund, and those persons that contribute to the fund will receive a letter of thanks and verification (for tax purposes) from NCPHP for their gift, should they request one.


To assist NCPHP in carrying out our mission of “Assessing and improving the health of North Carolina medical professionals,” please donate to Veterinary Scholarship Fund now.

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NCPHP Veterinary Scholarship Fund


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NCPHP Funding

NCPHP is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.  Our program funding is derived from a range of sources, including:


  • Licensure Boards including the North Carolina Medical Board, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board, and the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy
  • Annual contribution from the North Carolina Medical Society
  • North Carolina hospitals and their medical staffs
  • Monitoring fees paid by program participants
  • Donations from individuals.



Financial information about NCPHP and a copy of our license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Section at (888) 830-4989. The license is not an endorsement by the State of North Carolina.